Unforgettable Summer | Intro (Serial)

Three months and so much learned. London,England, Pisa/ Cascina/Florence, Italy, Nice/Paris, France; so much culture, lessons, and languages all compacted into on united community known as Europe.

Sorry for the three-month absence on FTLF. Disconnecting from the internet and social media wasn’t an easy thing to do. But, I believe that one gets a better taste of culture when tuned into what’s constantly going on in front of them. I came to Europe looking for new sightings, foreign language practice and, of course, FOOD.  Boy, did I get a lot more than I bargained for….

Summer is almost over and the applications for graduate schools have come upon me, so for the next two weeks of summer 2016, FTLF will be extremely active. From the best places to travel to in Europe to the Nice, France attack, FTLF has you covered. Stay tuned.

A la prochaine,