Unforgettable Summer | Spelling ‘London’ with an ‘Ex’ (Part 3)

When starting this serial, I promised not to hold back. This summer has taught me many lessons and has taught me what it means to be happy. While in London, I resided in Tanners Hill. The people were comforting, public transportation was nearby, and the view for my guest house was breathtaking. But, behind experiencing London’s beauty, a bit of ugliness lingered.

Traveling alone is a contentment of which I’m rather fond of, but crossing the Atlantic Ocean for the first time was a huge first step for me. I scouted assistance in showing me the basics of public transportation, time difference and the most difficult of all, change in currency. Six days and five nights in London, four hours to get to the guest house, three transportation transfers, two bags of luggage and one ex-boyfriend who offered to accompany me around the city.

Touring this large city was a great learning experience. Jet lag hovered over me like a dark cloud but, another thing that hovered over me was the presence that followed. When traveling, alone or with company, one should be excited to have the time of their lives. For six days, I was the opposite. From being talked down to me every time I asked a question to being called ‘fat’ every time I put food into my mouth, I felt worthless. Sometimes, it takes a small reminder to realize why the past should stay in the past. It’s one thing to educate someone, but it’s another thing to belittle and patronize them repeatedly to feel superior to them.

The biggest mistake that people can make after a huge break is the delusion that they can stay friends with their ex. Especially when the break-up is caused by betrayal, some form of abuse, or any toxic situation. After two years of being disrespected, lied to, cheated on, and verbally abused, I, too, made that mistake. I think it goes without saying that a woman should never allow a man to make her feel low and useless. 

While finding different cultures of Europe, I also found myself in ways that I never thought were possible. The biggest thing that I found was my worth. If there are any women reading this, especially young women, if you do not know your worth by now, find it. Just remember that men have not, do not and will never define your worth. Acknowledging this sooner than later will save you from losing your true self.

Thanks for tuning in.

À la prochaine,


Trafalgar Square, London, UK | Photo Credit | FTLF


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