Unforgettable Summer | The Beauty of London, England (Part 2)

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The tower of London, Big Ben, the London Eye, and so much more. Visiting the United Kingdom was exciting. Despite the major jet lag and lack of sleep, it was beautiful. Like every major city, London has a certain uniqueness; especially its architecture and its fashion. It was very hard to see and experience everything in the short period of time that I was there, but what I did see was unforgettable.

For a newbie across the Atlantic Ocean, I found London pretty easy to get around… I’m lying. Out of six days in London, day one consisted of learning how to use an Oyster Card and learning the difference of “overground” and “underground.” In New York, the train is overground for certain stops, then undergound for certain stops. Unlike London, there is no requirement in the big apple to switch trains for overground or underground stops. But, nothing beats attempting to cross the street and being utterly confused by which way to look first. For anyone who has forgotten, vehicles in England drive on the opposite side (left side) of the road.

Out of all the sites seen, my overall favorite, besides M&M World, was Platform 9 3/4 and the Platform 9 3/4 store at Kings Cross station. Wands, brooms, and other Hogwarts uniforms galore. As someone obsessed with the Harry Potter book and film series, if I could’ve bought everything, I would’ve. I’ve recently found out that the store has an online website (link posted below).

There was still so much to see in this beautiful gray city, but it was time to head to Italy. I will surely be back! Stay tuned for more of this written summer serial.

A la prochaine,



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