Unforgettable Summer | Ryanair: The Airline from Hell (Part 4)


Photo Courtesy | IPKat of bolgspot.com

Au revoir, London! Ciao, Italia!….I think.

Excited and anxious, I missed my morning flight and had to scramble to get the next flight out from London to Tuscany. Twenty-three other people missed the same morning flight because airline employees sent us all to the wrong gate. Yes, you read it correctly. Ryanair employees, whose jobs are to give customers their accurate flight information, made 23 people miss their flight because they gave us all inaccurate flight information.

There was another flight leaving from London to Tuscany in the afternoon, so no big deal, right? Wrong. To add insult to injury, employees not only refused to give the direction to the customer service desk, but they sprinkled that refusal with a lot of rudeness. “Oh well, I’m busy. Go find customer service,” said one woman who was clearly wearing a “Ryanair Customer Service” patch on her blouse.

After 30 minutes of searching for the customer service desk and two more hours standing on the line, the man assisting me wanted to charge me 50£ (Great Britain Pounds) to rebook my flight. Converted to United States dollars, this is about $66. After paying $200 dollars for a 2-hour Euro-domestic flight, I highly refused to pay another cent out of my pocket. Hungry, tired, and frustrated to the point of no return, yelling to speak to a manager was the only thing that saved me from enduring more nonsense from this airline company.

Thankfully, the manager was very helpful. This kind man who is probably the only kind person that I’ve ever met working with Ryanair rebooked my flight free of charge and put me in first class. So, everything worked out in the end, right? Wrong. My rebooked flight was delayed for two hours and “first class” on Ryanair is not first class at all.

The only thing that first class offered was priority boarding and that didn’t even happen. To sum it all up, Ryanair’s “first class” includes disorganized boarding, the same terrible service and the same cramped seating as economy class.

For anyone reading this who plans to travel to or around Europe, save yourself the delayed flights, wasted time, and the extremely unprofessional customer service and do not fly with Ryanair.

The bright side of all this is that I made it to Italy and I lived. British Airways, Air France, and Norweigan  Air are a few airlines that I’ve used to get around Europe and every single one of them are exceptionally amazing.

Thanks for tuning in and stay tuned for more of this written summer serial!

À la prochaine,



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