College Tips: “I Hate What I’m Studying”

I can’t think of anything worse than having a job that you’re unhappy with except spending thousands of dollars in college to study towards a career path that you are not passionate about. We go to college to get better jobs and build great careers through our earned degrees. But is that piece of paper worth all the blood, sweat, tears, and money if you’re not happy about what’s written on it?

Here’s a scenario:

If you’re studying Business Administration and have absolutely no passion for it, but realized in your junior year of college that you have a passion and love Biochemistry, would you continue studying Business Administration because you’re almost finished with school? Or would you switch your major to Biochemistry? In other words, would you continue your misery until graduation day or would you take the plunge to pursue what you love despite the extra three or four semesters added on to your college attendance?


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Most college students, though they probably wouldn’t say it out loud to others, would continue their misery in a major that they do not love until the day of graduation, which will most likely lead to them hating their career paths. Why? There are many reasons why, but these are the two main problematic reasons:

  1. You feel like you’re half way there, so you might as well finish and get it over with.

Education is not a race. College is a time to find yourself. Switch majors that you may be interested in, join clubs, study abroad, volunteer, join a sports team, etc. If you’re unhappy, eliminate the things in your life that are causing your unhappiness.

      2.  You feel like the clock is ticking and you’re getting “too old for college.”

Yes! You are getting older and so is everyone else. Stop letting age be a dealbreaker when attempting to go for your dreams. Being 25 years old, 37 years old, or even 54 years old while graduating with a bachelor’s is not a failure. If you get that degree, you have accomplished more than many people who will never have the opportunity to do so.

Yes, college is a chance to further our education to get better jobs/careers and salaries in the future, but why go to college to avoid jobs that you hate to earn a degree in a field that lands you another job that you hate? Is it worth it?

Take it from a young woman who spent three years studying English Literature and realized that she didn’t want to read fictional stories, but wanted to tell real stories about real people. I realized my passion for Journalism very “late” in my college career, but I went for it anyway. After six years of college and traveling to places I thought I’d only dream about, I found myself and what I love to do.

Always remember that it’s never too late for anything. If you feel that taking a semester off to study abroad and discover new things is best for you, do it! If you feel that studying two different majors and a minor will help your decision-making for which degree you prefer, do it!  If you keep working hard and never stop fighting for what you love and what you want, you can not fail! Those who never give up, never fail.

À la prochaine,



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