Weekend Getaway To St. Tropez



Pick a weekend, book a flight, and go nuts! | FTLF

Bonjour à tous! Finishing college is kicking my rear! And the New York weather isn’t helping.

There’s a huge snow storm hitting the city tomorrow, which had me thinking all day about all the snowless places that I wish I could be right now. And of course France came to mind first; specifically, Saint Tropez. I usually escape to this beautiful paradise any chance that I get, like two weekends ago.

When people think “France,” they think about Paris or the La Côte D’azur (French Riviera). Along with Nice and Antibes, there is also the gorgeous Saint Tropez. This little coastal town in southeastern France is the perfect place to get away from it all, especially on the weekends when all you want is to enjoy some amazing eats, indulge in the immense variety of shopping boutiques, or just relax.

It’s not as difficult as it may seem to travel there. As a frequent traveler, I have my ways of traveling cheap. One way is finding cheap airfare apps such as SkyScanner and Fareness that not only finds cheap plane tickets but suggests the cheapest places to travel to at a given time. I also refrain from paying for expensive hotels every single time I travel. Airbnb has become my best friend in my pocket. In London, Belgium, Florence, or literally anywhere I travel, the first thing I do is pick and book an Airbnb apartment that I desire. St. Tropez has some of the most beautiful Airbnb apartments near the Mediterranean Sea.

Honestly, words cannot explain the beauty of the simple, little posh town, so take a look for yourself:


That view is breathtaking


Famous St. Tropez Clock Tower


St. Tropez Bay Front


Spent my Saturday afternoon having lunch on this beauty


Vacationing near the coast means endless lobster!


This Chanel Boutique is literally a mansion


Chanel en St. Tropez


C’est belle!


Take my word for it or don’t, but if you visit St. Tropez, you’ll never want to leave!


Learn from me. Don’t be lazy and refuse to rub in your sunscreen then fall asleep on the beach | FTLF

À la prochaine,



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