Welcome To FTLF! | Bienvenue à Pour L’amour de la Mode




I’m Amanda. I’m a New York-based fashion blogger and journalist. I also study French as a second language. I’ve always had a huge passion for writing and fashion, so I decided to combine my two loves and created For The Love of Fashion.

(Je suis Amanda. Je suis une journaliste qui étudies le français. J’ai une forte passion pour la mode et l’écriture. J’espère que vous viendrez avec moi sur ce voyage sur «Pour L’amour de la Mode».)

I travel a lot (mostly to France) and I’ve fallen in love with everything French and anything that pertains to traveling around the globe. There’s a new post every Wednesday and every week is different, whether it be fashion, travel, or lifestyle. Browse around, leave comments under posts you like, CLICK that ‘Follow’ button and stay tuned!


A la prochaine,



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