Street Fashion in Brooklyn

Brooklyn! Manhattan is amazing, but when it comes to art, the best international food, and unusual scenery, I’ll take Brooklyn any day. Especially in D.U.M.B.O. where I worked with Brooklyn photographer, Dina Raketa to shoot some streetwear. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of the cold weather. When will le printemps (the Spring) season get here?

It’s Mid-March, so I decided to bring a taste of the nice weather.

_MG_2262 (2)

Outfit Details: Top (MissGuided), Pants (Fashion Nova)


_MG_2065 (2)

_MG_2301 (2)

Outfit Details: Bracelet (Tiffany & Co.), Sunglasses (Dior), Shoes (Steve Madden)

_MG_2202 (2).JPG

_MG_2346 (3)

_MG_2099 (2)

_MG_2158 (2).JPG

Outfit Details: Handbag (Coach)


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Graduating With Tiffany & Co.


Jewelry: Tiffany & Co.

Bonjour à tous!

About a year ago, I realized that it would only be a matter of time before I graduate college. I started to think about my graduation day outfit, shoes, and of course, my class ring. If you’re in a country that offers graduation rings during your last year of school, whether it be high school, college or beyond, you understand the “need” to hold on to those memories with a little memorabilia. But there are downsides to buying a class ring.

Class rings are great pieces of jewelry to remember your years of hard work, sweat and tears, but let’s be honest. The majority of us will rarely or never wear our class rings after we leave our educational institutions, mostly because of their bold and overwhelming appearance. Also, many class rings are completely valueless.

While debating on whether or not I should spend 400 t0 750 dollars on a ring, I remembered that the great world of Tiffany & Co. exists.


Let me just say right now that I love sterling silver, which is why I love Tiffany & Co. Not only do you get variety in price and style, but you are getting quality and value for your money.


Substituting a traditional class ring for a ‘Tiffany’s’ ring is a cheaper decision and a smarter decision. Take the cheapest ring at Tiffany’s for example. It costs $125. Tiffany and Co. offer modifications and engraving, giving you a chance to personalize your ring to your liking. Even after making these changes, the cost of the ring will still lie under $400. Also, the ring still has value to it. There’s a higher chance of being able to sell a Tiffany & Co.-brand ring than a traditional class ring.


Tiffany & Co. 37 Wall St, New York, NY


You will never be disappointed with the little blue box.

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Body Acceptance: Self-Love


FTLF supports self-love!



As a teenager, I went through a lot of self-hate issues when it came to my body. I was fit because of sports, but I always saw my hard-earned muscle  and natural curves as “fat.” When constantly told that there is only one “ideal” body type, it takes a toll on your self-confidence and the way you look at yourself in the mirror. I was determined to change large parts of my body to fit what mass society deemed “acceptable.” This week has been a chance to demolish some of these body ideologies by celebrating self-love with ‘Body Acceptance Week.’

Though, I do support people who change certain things about their bodies because they desire to do so, whether it be body modifications or plastic surgery, I do not support people who modify their bodies to please the personal views of others.


Cat-Eye Glasses : Sunglass Hut; Pants: Fashion Nova

As a full-time student, it sucks to only have 24 hours in a day. With 20 hours of classes per week, college professors make sure that your “free” time outside of the classroom is completely occupied with work, even if you only receive four hours of sleep each night. Sadly, I am living proof of this. This week, I’ve probably received only three hours of sleep or less because it’s Body Acceptance Week.

I’m all for anything feminist-related and LGBTQ pride-related, especially when it comes to self-love.


It’s your life. Would you rather live it  hating your body because you do not fit society’s “ideal” body type or would you rather be happy with what you see when you look in the mirror everyday?


Until next week!

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Skincare For The Confused Weather


My nightly skincare routine consists of a variety of my favorite skincare brands such as Clinique, Forever Flawless, Proactiv, La Mer and Ponds. I also take GNC’s Hair, Skin, and Nails vitamins to keep my skin supple and glowing.

Bonjour à tous!

Whether you’re single or taken, I hope you enjoyed Valentine’s Day. I’ve never been a fan of this holiday (mostly because the ‘Kay Jeweler’s’ commercials are everywhere like a plague), but hey, I don’t discriminate against free chocolate on a Tuesday afternoon!

I’ve cut down on sugar quite a bit due to my sensitive skin, but like I said, it’s chocolate, so a few pieces didn’t hurt. My skin is prone to breakouts in absolutely any circumstance. The cause of my breakouts is my oily skin and large pores. Like many other women, my skin tends to flake up in certain areas during the winter months due to the dry air and makeup can sometimes make this skin problem worse.

After 15 years of spending money of a variety of skin care products, I’ve become very skilled on products and brand that work or do not work for specific skin types.

One of my favorite products that I often use is ‘Ponds’ Dark Spot Correcting Cream. I have some minor acne marks and this product helps them fade within 6 to 8 weeks. Not only does is fade dark marks, but it is a great moisturizer before bed. I usually thoroughly moisturize my face with this cream before applying my makeup and it keeps my skin soft and supple throughout the day.

Other brands to consider if you have dry, oily, or in between skin, or if you’re skin is heavily being affected by the cold weather, is ‘La Mer’ face moisturizers, ‘Forever Flawless’ (especially the infused face peeling gels), and Clinique. If you have extremely oily skin, Clinique’s  Pore Refining Solutions moisturizer is best for you. It applies on matte and prevents oily skin for up to seven hours.

I have way too many skincare products that I adore, but these are my all time favorite simply because they work really well with different types of skin.

Merci for tuning in this week!

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Weekend Getaway To St. Tropez



Pick a weekend, book a flight, and go nuts! | FTLF

Bonjour à tous! Finishing college is kicking my rear! And the New York weather isn’t helping.

There’s a huge snow storm hitting the city tomorrow, which had me thinking all day about all the snowless places that I wish I could be right now. And of course France came to mind first; specifically, Saint Tropez. I usually escape to this beautiful paradise any chance that I get, like two weekends ago.

When people think “France,” they think about Paris or the La Côte D’azur (French Riviera). Along with Nice and Antibes, there is also the gorgeous Saint Tropez. This little coastal town in southeastern France is the perfect place to get away from it all, especially on the weekends when all you want is to enjoy some amazing eats, indulge in the immense variety of shopping boutiques, or just relax.

It’s not as difficult as it may seem to travel there. As a frequent traveler, I have my ways of traveling cheap. One way is finding cheap airfare apps such as SkyScanner and Fareness that not only finds cheap plane tickets but suggests the cheapest places to travel to at a given time. I also refrain from paying for expensive hotels every single time I travel. Airbnb has become my best friend in my pocket. In London, Belgium, Florence, or literally anywhere I travel, the first thing I do is pick and book an Airbnb apartment that I desire. St. Tropez has some of the most beautiful Airbnb apartments near the Mediterranean Sea.

Honestly, words cannot explain the beauty of the simple, little posh town, so take a look for yourself:


That view is breathtaking


Famous St. Tropez Clock Tower


St. Tropez Bay Front


Spent my Saturday afternoon having lunch on this beauty


Vacationing near the coast means endless lobster!


This Chanel Boutique is literally a mansion


Chanel en St. Tropez


C’est belle!


Take my word for it or don’t, but if you visit St. Tropez, you’ll never want to leave!


Learn from me. Don’t be lazy and refuse to rub in your sunscreen then fall asleep on the beach | FTLF

À la prochaine,


Stay Chic & Warm!


Manhattan, New York | FTLF

Make-Up Details: Face (Stila ‘Perfecting Concealer’,  Make Up For Ever ‘Mat Velvet+’ foundation, Laura Mercier Translucent Powder, Kat Von D ‘Shade & Light’ contour kit, MAC Cosmetics’Mineralize Foundation Loose’). Eyes (Sephora brand liquid eyeliner, MAC Cosmetics ‘Technakohl’ pencil liner, Dior ‘Diorshow’ mascara). Lips (MAC Lip Glass ‘Ample Pink’, NYX ‘Abu Dhabi’ soft matte lip cream).

If you’re in a warm place right now, I envy you! Here in New York, it’s snowing and it’s freezing out. Usually, I use the cold weather as an excuse to wear yoga pants and Uggs from Monday to Friday, but believe it or not, it is possible to look “New York chic” in this 20 degree and below weather.

Do you know that Forever 21 has a “Premium” section online? Yeah, me either…UNTIL I received this gorgeous coat that I ordered last minute for a dinner in Tribeca (in the photo above). If you did know, then congratulations! You are officially reading the website of someone who practically lives under a rock (cue fireworks)!

So, I graduated high school about 150 years ago and I temporarily stopped shopping at stores like Forever 21 and discovered, where I find jeans and other bottoms that compliment my body.

To my surprise, I discovered this wonderful Premium Collection on Forever 21’s website and I love the outerwear. I’m not much of a fan for Forever 21’s bottoms, but the outwear definitely has some pieces that I can vouch for — comfortable and cute. Regardez!


Outfit Details: Coat (Forever 21 Online), Top (MissGuided), Bottoms (Uniqlo), Boots (Express leather)


Manhattan, New York | FTLF

I like the cold weather because of the endless fashion on the New York City streets, but I can’t wait to be back at La Côte D’azur on the beach drinking Rosé in a cheeky bikini. 47 days until Spring. Let the countdown begin!

À la prochaine,