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Okay, let’s be honest. Going on trips and experiencing new adventures is exciting, but packing…not so much fun. Have you ever packed for a trip, promised yourself that you wouldn’t pack a lot…then end up packing your entire closet?

This happens to be a bad habit which I possess, but sometimes, it’s also a good habit. The worst thing is coming across an unexpected event in another state, country, or anywhere that is not your hometown and having to go shopping for an outfit that you most likely already have hanging in your wardrobe back home.

To pack light or not to pack light? That is the question.

The answer is pack “smart.” 

Shoes: Steve Madden, Jeans: Fashion Nova, Top: MissGuided, Bralette: Forever 21


Bodysuit: Lilac Shade

Here are a few packing tips that I’ve learned through traveling:

• Think of at least three events that you will likely attend on your trip and be realistic. Pack three specific outfits for those occasions. The rest of your suitcase should be clothing that you wear on a regular basis.

• Accessories, accessories, accessories!! I cannot stress this enough. If you wear a black dress on one day and you add a popping handbag and a matching scarf the next, you’ve just expanded your outfit choices.

Dress: H&M France, Sneakers: H&M, Scarf: Net-A-Porter


Top: Nordstrom, Pants: Express, Shoes: Express

• At least 25 percent of the clothes in my suitcase are what I call “toss-worthy.” Toss-worthy clothes are anything that can be tossed if worst comes to worst and my suitcase is too heavy. Toss-worthy clothes are anything that costs ten dollars or less.

For example, one-dollar flip-flops, two-dollar tanks, or seven-dollar shorts are a few pieces that I consider to be toss-worthy.

I love clothing stores like Old Navy, Uniqlo and H&M where there are regular bargains and deals. If the option of making my suitcase lighter before traveling back home approaches, getting rid of a $1.90 top or a $5.50 pair of pants will not severely harm my wardrobe or my wallet.


Shorts: H&M, Flats: H&M, Choker: Forever 21, Bodysuit: Forever 21

• The same goes for toiletries. Travel bottles are great for weekend and week-long trips, but they should never be a burden. They are very cheap and they can afford to be tossed out if needed. For long trips, if possible, it’s best to buy most of your toiletries in the place that you are visiting. It may save you a lot of space and hassle.

Wherever you go, just remember that you may want to bring a few things home from your trip, so make sure you have space in your travel bags to do so!

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I will not be posting next week. It’s Final Exam Preparation week. Stick around for the week after!

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Stay Chic & Warm!


Manhattan, New York | FTLF

Make-Up Details: Face (Stila ‘Perfecting Concealer’,  Make Up For Ever ‘Mat Velvet+’ foundation, Laura Mercier Translucent Powder, Kat Von D ‘Shade & Light’ contour kit, MAC Cosmetics’Mineralize Foundation Loose’). Eyes (Sephora brand liquid eyeliner, MAC Cosmetics ‘Technakohl’ pencil liner, Dior ‘Diorshow’ mascara). Lips (MAC Lip Glass ‘Ample Pink’, NYX ‘Abu Dhabi’ soft matte lip cream).

If you’re in a warm place right now, I envy you! Here in New York, it’s snowing and it’s freezing out. Usually, I use the cold weather as an excuse to wear yoga pants and Uggs from Monday to Friday, but believe it or not, it is possible to look “New York chic” in this 20 degree and below weather.

Do you know that Forever 21 has a “Premium” section online? Yeah, me either…UNTIL I received this gorgeous coat that I ordered last minute for a dinner in Tribeca (in the photo above). If you did know, then congratulations! You are officially reading the website of someone who practically lives under a rock (cue fireworks)!

So, I graduated high school about 150 years ago and I temporarily stopped shopping at stores like Forever 21 and discovered FashionNova.com, where I find jeans and other bottoms that compliment my body.

To my surprise, I discovered this wonderful Premium Collection on Forever 21’s website and I love the outerwear. I’m not much of a fan for Forever 21’s bottoms, but the outwear definitely has some pieces that I can vouch for — comfortable and cute. Regardez!


Outfit Details: Coat (Forever 21 Online), Top (MissGuided), Bottoms (Uniqlo), Boots (Express leather)


Manhattan, New York | FTLF

I like the cold weather because of the endless fashion on the New York City streets, but I can’t wait to be back at La Côte D’azur on the beach drinking Rosé in a cheeky bikini. 47 days until Spring. Let the countdown begin!

À la prochaine,